Kite Rider teams up with Requisite Development

Requisite Development Brings Cutting Edge Business Psychology and Leadership Development Expertise to the Group

Exciting times are afoot at Kite Rider as we replace DEW as our joint venture partner in Strategic Nudge with the US and UK-based business psychology and leadership development company Requisite Development


requisite development logo

With over 30 years’ experience of management assessment and development in both the corporate and SME world, Requisite Development focuses on helping CEOs and their senior teams to think more strategically to make their organizations not only more effective but also become workplaces where people’s creative potential can be released for greater performance and wellbeing. 

Requisite Development works to identify and stretch people’s thinking capabilities to cope with strategic complexity at senior organizational level. Match this expertise with our brilliant designers, games developers and researchers who love to create thrilling and complex learning experiences and what do you have?  A unique combination that works to address the strategic challenges companies face through the application of immersive experiential learning solutions.

So, with this in mind, Kite Rider steps forward proudly and confidently as a growing group of companies.

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