and the Virtual Experience Company Launch Website of Immersive Heritage Project

'Encounter with History' Offers a Glimpse behind the Scenes of the Immersive, Cultural Heritage Work Our Team Conducted in Tunisia

After completing the final phase of the British Council supported cultural heritage project 'Encounter with History', and the Virtual Experience Company have now launched a project website that captures the sites involved and the technologies used throughout the project.

The page offers a glimpse behind the scenes of the experimental work the team conducted in Tunisia from 2018 to 2019 using a wide range of immersive technologies, Virtual and Augmented Reality and new forms of data capture such as photogrammetry and aerial video and photography using drones.

Cambridge University Evaluation Finds that Immersive Technologies Enable A Tangibel and Lively Historical Experiences

The project has been evaluated by Cambridge University's Dr. Mark Winterbottom who found that especially for young audiences immersive technologies offer a new and exciting way of engaging with their cultural heritage 'hands-on'.

At you can explore how we have used new technologies in our immersive work and how these contribute to the protection and revival of cultural heritage. 

Experience and explore history in ways that bring ancient sites and artifacts to life!

The project was made possible by the British Council and with the support of the Tunisian National Heritage Institute.

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