VRTGO 2017 Kicks Off With corncutter.games Workshop

'VR Powered Experiential Learning - Rocket Fuel for Training and Education' Workshop

In November we were proud to join the line-up of speakers at the VRTGO 2017 conference in Newcastle, UK.

Antonia Koop and Marius Strohschneider kicked off the event with a workshop on 'VR Powered Experiential Learning - Rocket Fuel for Training and Education', exploring how immersive experiences and VR/AR technology can make learning a lot more effective, sustainable and exciting.

VRTGO Workshop with Antonia Koop

Antonia briefly stunned the attending developers with a surprise launch of the 'OasumVR' sunglasses. After enjoying the speechless developers faces for a moment, she revealed the prank and that the amazing 'OasumVR' were in fact Marius sunglasses. But she made her point: technologies develop rapidly but there are fundamental truths about how to use them that don't change and are worth paying attention to....

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