Our Mission: High Impact Training to Reduce Risk

Providing High-Impact, Scalable Training Solutions to Those Operating in High-Risk Environments

Kite Rider - Strategic Adventures was founded in 2012 by the former war journalist and CEO of the Peace and Conflict Journalism Network, Antonia Koop.

Having worked in conflict and war zones around the globe and supporting journalists, aid and development workers as well as commercial organizations in operating in hostile environments Antonia Koop created Kite Rider to make a powerful approach to training more accessible and scalable that had so far only been available to a selected group of individuals and organizations.

Kite Rider brings together a team with vast field experience in hostile environments, expert knowledge in a range of areas including peace and conflict, defense and security, communication, journalism and media development,  stress, trauma and resilience, leadership and team performance, organizational development, and a multi-faceted background and expertise in training and education.

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