The wait is over as ‘Schools for the Future’ launches

Equipping International Development Leaders for Conflict Sensitive Planning and Steering of Projects

After many months of hard work, the wait is over for an international audience as the training game, ‘Schools for the Future’ launches and is received with praise and excitement.  At the request of the German Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Kite Rider Strategic Adventures, in collaboration with has developed the ‘Schools for the Future’ Peace and Conflict Assessment simulation in close cooperation with the Peace & Conflict Advisory Unit of the Risk Management Head Office of GIZ in Kabul, Afghanistan. This virtual training will effectively equip international and local staff with the instruments of conflict sensitive planning and steering.

In the ‘Schools for the Future’ simulation players find themselves assuming the role of a project manager of a school construction project in a country facing economic difficulty and conflict. In this engaging virtual environment the player has to make sense of the complex and dynamic situation and based on this make crucial decisions for the team and the project.

Although fictional, the story, situation, details and dynamics encountered are based on extensive research of factual conditions around the world. This authentic setting grants players a preview of the experiences they are likely to encounter in their assigned projects, allowing trainees to prepare effectively for applying the PCA methodology in their real-life roles. It also provides decision makers on headquarter level with a better understanding of dynamics and challenges their colleagues encounter in the field.

Our simulations enable self-directed, participatory and experience based learning that can complement and, depending on the learning objectives and the capability of students, even replace classroom courses. The highly engaging learning process has proven fast and effective and the simulation makes training instantly available in the form of a teaching instrument that can be used wherever and whenever needed.

further information on the training simulation and demo videos from the game can be found on the Schools for the Future website.

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