Kite Rider and Permanently Join Forces

Bringing Games Development In-House Through Acquisition of

Only a year after its foundation, and after successful collaboration on the 'Schools for the Future' project, Kite Rider - Strategic Adventures takes over's game development unit

The acquisition brings on board not just the unit's powerful games development expertise but also corncutter's founder and Lead Game Developer, Marius Strohschneider. This valuable collaboration will bring games development permanently in-house.
Marius Strohschneider

Kite Rider and have set to work on further upgrading the already highly acclaimed game, 'Schools for the Future' and the second upgrade will be ready for testing and launch soon.  Having the team on board will make for even more seamless realisation of Kite Riders innovative conceptual work.

We look forward to what this will mean for the world of serious games!

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