‘Schools for the Future’ for 6th Form Students at Sidcot School?

Sidcot School Trials the Peace and Conflict assessment Game as Part of Their Course on Peace and Global Studies

As part of a Quaker school’s aim to bring issues like global responsibility, social justice and peace studies to their students, Kite Rider has been asked to trial 'Schools for the Future' with a group of 6th formers at Sidcot School in Summerset.

Kite Rider has worked with Sidcot School which would like to see the values and awareness imparted by the Peace and Global Studies curriculum become part of their students everyday language. 

The 'Schools for the Future' simulation offers a valuable tool to help introduce students to principles of contemporary global issues. However, given that the game was designed for a much more mature, professional audience this will be a fascinating experiment we undertake together.

We are looking forward to experience how the 'Schools for the Future' game is received by students and what this may mean for the future of the game as an educational tool at this level.

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