One Year of Powerful Partnership with Epicgames & Unreal Engine Enterprise

Unreal Engine Powers ViBE and the Strategic Nudge Training Game Series

This December we are celebrating our first year of collaboration with Epicgames and the Unreal Engine Enterprise team. UE4 is now powering our ViBE platform and the Strategic Nudge games built on ViBE. We are looking forward to expanding our collaboration during the coming year and to working closer with Epic's team.

The Sustainability Game which is built on ViBE and UE4 is coming on nicely and will hopefully get launch ready mid next year. Some information on the game and a few snapshots are already on the Strategic Nudge website.

'Hell in a Can' - New Venture 2018

Finally we don't stop growing and expanding and are currently gearing up for a new project which we will spin off early next year as another company under the Kite Rider umbrella. It's top secret at the moment but here just a hint: the venture will involve combining the most innovative elements of our work; assessment, training and development, and a rather unprecedented use of immersive technology.

The team has started calling it 'Hell in a Can'... 

new venture logo

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