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Strategic Nudge & Work Together to Develop a Groundbreaking New Assessment Tool for Recruitment

Strategic Nudge and are venturing into previously uncharted waters with the development of a game that enables organizations to identify how well their people can cope with strategic complexity. This will allow organizations to match the right people to the right roles with an unprecedented level of accuracy. The assessment tool has an additional logistical advantage; it can be scaled up for large groups across diverse locations to create significant economies in time, effort and budgets.

The 'Karthasia Trials’ Assessment utilizes the unique abilities of computer games to simulate complex situations and to draw the player into deep immersion in which their responses are most genuine and authentic.

The assessment is designed in phases of increasing levels of complexity. The player is given a wealth of information about the situation in which they have been placed and from here they quickly begin to interact with the game’s characters who provide, sometimes contradictory, insights into the challenges they face. The player must understand the complex interplay between problems, their causes and possible solutions. They also must grapple with the nuances of cultural differences and conflicting racial, religious and political agendas of the various stakeholders.

The assessment exposes players to a case study close enough to their management roles to be highly relevant but foreign enough so they cannot build on previous experiences or knowledge of the subject matter.

The ‘Karthasia Trials’ assessment tool provides a critical ‘missing link’ in talent assessment to support organizations’ decisions about recruitment, promotion and development.

The assessment is currently in final trials and is about to be launch in February 2018.

For further information visit the website or take a look at the Strategic Nudge youtube channel where we have uploaded a video of the case study on which the assessment is build. 

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